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  • Louis Challis

How To Ease Yourself Back Into The Gym

Many of us will be waiting for the gyms to reopen following the lockdown, but it can sometimes be difficult to find the motivation to get back into the routine.

There are many ways to ease yourself back into a fitness routine, from quick ten-minute workouts to taking part in online personal training. Let’s have a look at some ways to get yourself prepared.

Begin prepping now

You don’t want your first gym session leaving you shattered and out of breath before you’ve even got warmed up. Start by doing a little exercise now and then, whether it’s a home workout, a run, or even a good brisk walk.

Also, make sure you have stocked up on your supplements and healthy food. You’ll appreciate it when the time comes for your first gym session after a long break.

Just turn up

Sitting there thinking about the weight and cardio sessions at the gym can easily sap your motivation. Don’t dwell on it, simply turn up. No one is expecting you to beat any personal bests on your first session in ages.

Avoid putting any extra pressure on yourself, even if you just go, you have won that day, and it will help build up your routine of attending. If you do a good workout, then that’s a bonus!

Start with the exercise you missed most

Think about the exercise or routines you have missed the most, and do that. Keep in mind the gym should be a fun and uplifting experience, not a chore!

Lower your lifts and reps

Forget ‘go hard or go home’, as it’s the easiest way to injure yourself. Start slow, and build it up slowly. You need to ease yourself back into the gym mentally and physically.

Enjoy it as much as possible

The more you enjoy it, the more you will want to do more of it. Focus on the parts that make the experience more enjoyable, whether that’s setting goals, doing your favourite lifts, or even making a new workout playlist, just as long as it gives you motivation!

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