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  • Louis Challis

3 Post-Workout Recovery Tips

We are all glad we can get back to the gym again, and re-engage without exercise routines and favourite workouts. However, it’s important to not try and take on too much at once.

As well as ensuring you take it slow when you first hit the gym again, there are also considerations to make after your workout to ensure you don’t unintentionally give yourself an injury. Rest days are important, as well as ensuring you stretch properly before and after your workout.

Here are three more post-workout recovery tips:

1. Do a proper warm-down

After you last set, save five minutes to do a proper warm-down, focussing on the muscles you have just been using. It will provide your body with the right signals that the workout is over, and the recovery process can begin.

A decent warm-down also helps flush lactic acid from your muscles, which can help reduce aches, pains and stiffness.

2. Drink a shake with protein and carbs

You have a 20-minute window after your session to get some high-quality nutrition into your muscles to help them recover and grow stronger ahead of your next workout. Drinking a carb and protein-based drink immediately after a session can restore muscle energy levels faster than those who had just carbs or protein. A good mix is 4g of carbs to every 1g of protein.

3. Power shower

A study in the International Journal of Sports Medicine reported that cyclists who alternated between bursts of hot and cold water later performed better in subsequent sprints and time trials compared to those who just used hot water.

When you have your post-workout shower, alternate between hot and cold water in 30-second bursts. Your muscles will thank you later.

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