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  • Louis Challis

How To Look After Your Runner’s Feet

Going for a run is a great way to get fit. Not only do you burn off calories and work your heart muscles, but you also tone up your muscles, especially in your legs.

However, there is no doubt that lots of running can take its toll on your feet, especially if you are running on hard surfaces like pavements. The last thing you want is foot pain, so you need to take various steps to look after them.


Firstly, be careful choosing your footwear. Don’t go for a pair just because they look nice, but focus on comfort, balance and size. In the latter case, go half a size up, not down, because your feet will swell up over the course of a run and the constriction will be felt on your toes, leading to nail damage and discomfort.

You should also wear recovery shoes with plenty of room to allow your feet to breathe and recover their level. High heels may look great when nights out become possible again, but your feet won’t thank you for them.


You should also make sure you have the right socks. If they are abrasive or wet, this can cause friction that leads to blisters. Keeping your feet dry also improves skin quality.


You don’t need to give your feet the full spa treatment everyday, but there are certain steps you can take that will help. Cutting your toenails short will prevent them ending up black or split, while treating blisters fast with the right plasters will prevent them bursting and becoming infected.

At the same time, balms and bath salts, as well as medications to prevent fungal infections, will keep your feet in great shape.

See a podiatrist

If you do get a problem with your foot, the best solution is to see a podiatrist. They can help treat a range of problems from fungal infections to troublesome nails and calluses. By getting the best treatment for your feet you can help prevent any of these conditions deteriorating.

Of course, if you think you have a foot injury, the most important thing to do is stop; as with any injury, treatment and recovery are your priority, not the fitness gains you might give up in the very short term.

If you want to kick start your fitness journey off with personal training in Fulham, get in touch today.

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