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Why Weight Training Matters In Your Exercise Routine

It is natural for human beings to like routine, and most people find it easier to be in a comfort zone than to be doing something new. But if you stop putting effort in, you will get nothing out of your workouts. At work, you expect to take on new challenges to develop your career, and the same is true of any fitness plan.

Investing some effort into researching and planning new routines will pay off with results in the long term. That’s all very well, you might think, but what’s the best place to start? Studies repeatedly show that a combination of strength training and interval training is far more effective than a long slow aerobic session for maintaining fitness and weight loss.

This is because weight training builds up muscle, and muscle continues to burn up calories even when the body is at rest. It will also continue to burn other tissues, including fat. Compared to a cardio-only workout session, a weight training session will cause the body to continue to develop a higher resting metabolism rate.

An increased resting metabolism rate (where your body continues to burn calories at rest) is an important goal if you want your exercise routine to help achieve fat loss.The key principle of exercising to maintain a healthy weight is a varied routine that includes both weights and cardio.

If you don’t introduce variety into your routine, you are in danger of entering a ‘fat loss plateau’ where your body adapts to the number of calories you are using up by slowing up your metabolism. Even if you reduce your calorie intake by 500 per day, your body will be used to your routine and keep the required calories in reserve for your workout.

The only way to break out of this trap is by practicing resistance training and weights, and avoid a repetitive exercise routine that your body gets used to.

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