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Exercise In Pregnancy: A Quick Guide

Staying active during pregnancy is a good idea, as it can help you adapt to the physical changes that your body will inevitably go through, as well as potentially making labour easier to cope with… and it can also help your body bounce back after the birth if you keep up with your normal exercise routine, as far as you’re able to, of course.

Remember that exercise isn’t dangerous for your baby, so carry on with your running, weight training, yoga or whatever other exercise you enjoy. Keeping fit and healthy will work wonders for both you and your child, helping ease any feelings of anxiety you may be experiencing at the same time.

Make sure you always warm up properly before you do any exercise, however, and that you give yourself a proper cool down afterwards, as well. Hydration is especially important, so make sure you drink a litre of water for every hour of exercise you do.

It’s important that you tell your trainer or the person leading your exercise classes that you’re pregnant and how far along you are, so they can make any adjustments to your routine as and when required.

There are certain exercises that you should consider avoiding, however, such as anything where you may sustain a fall, which could possibly damage your baby. This includes rock climbing, gymnastics and cycling. Contact sports like kickboxing should also be avoided.

Good exercises during pregnancy include anything that can strengthen your abdominal muscles, which can help with backache - a common problem among pregnant women. Talk to your trainer to see what exercises they can advise you to try.

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