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  • Louis Challis

4 Surprising Sources Of Protein

Diet goes hand in hand with hitting your gym goals and if you don’t make a few changes here and there, you may well struggle to achieve what you want from your eight week

There are all sorts of ways you can add protein to your diet and people often go straight to meat, eggs and tofu in order to see results, but there are a lot of other sources you can start turning to, as well, to really make sure you’re getting sufficient levels to help build muscle.

Aim to get 30g of protein in every meal and you’re sure to start seeing results sooner rather than later, but this can be tricky when it comes to breakfast, so it’s important to have a varied diet to help you get the right amount.

Chia seed is a great source of protein and you can easily throw it into your morning smoothie to give you a protein hit, or scatter a tablespoon or two over your fruit salad if that’s your go-to breakfast option.

Spirulina is another ingredient you can turn to easily. This is a type of algae and a single tablespoon contains around 4g of protein, so chuck some of that in your smoothie, as well.

If you want to eat up your greens, stock up on some peas, as a cup of these delicious veggies contains an impressive 8g of protein or thereabouts, so your body will really thank you. And then there’s spinach, which has around 5g of protein per cup - with lots of other health benefits thrown in there, as well.

With just a little bit of research, you can easily add more protein to your diet and you can have a great time trying out all sorts of delicious new recipes. We’d love to hear what you’ve got on your plate at the moment, so get in touch to let us know.

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