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  • Louis Challis

Three Simple Rules To Help Improve Your Fitness

So many diet plans and workout regimes seek to overcomplicate things, replacing simple, effective, common-sense ideas with a ritualistic plan which works in the short term but can lead to your body easily regaining weight once the plan is stopped.

The key instead is not to do a quick, brutal diet and exercise plan before returning to old habits but creating a lifestyle plan what works for you. It can start with an 8-week online personal training course, but this is the foundations to help you take control of your fitness.

Ultimately the best diets and the mantra constantly used by bodybuilders comes down to three simple rules: eat healthily, train hard, sleep well.

Eat Healthily

Eating healthily does not necessarily mean the same thing for everyone, as we all have different fitness goals. A diet for someone who intends to lose weight is different than one for someone intending to build muscle mass after all.

The reason why so many rapid weight loss plans fail is that our bodies quickly adapt to having less energy when we’re dieting but quickly support depositing fat when we start eating normally, a concept known as the Summermatter cycle.

If you are planning on becoming leaner, the key is discipline and emphasising gradual permanent changes over short-term dramatic ones.

Train Hard

Ultimately, to build yourself up, there will be a lot of work involved, and exactly how much will be part of your fitness plan.

Try to consistently exercise, as this not only helps to stop weight loss but can help you keep the weight off.

Sleep Well

The key to building up muscle is that muscle growth only happens when you are asleep, and so it is important to make sure you get a good amount of sleep at night and allow yourself enough time to rest between intense workouts.

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