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  • Louis Challis

How To Tell Your Fitness Routine Works For You

Progress is highly motivating. When we see a tangible improvement in ourselves and our health we feel happy.

However, progress is not a constant and we do not always lose weight overnight. However, that does not necessarily mean your routine isn’t working or that your plateau will be a constant.

Here are some signs to look out for that your routine is working that don’t involve scales or a mirror.

You Feel Happier

There is a correlation between exercise and our mood, with studies showing that people who regularly exercise feel happier about themselves.

Physical activity helps boost adrenaline and dopamine, neurotransmitters that are connected to happiness, joy and confidence.

This feeling is a better motivator than weight loss and if you get that feeling from your routine stick with it.

You Start Weaning Off Of Unhealthy Food

Diet and exercise are interconnected when it comes to overall health and fitness. Both are required for a person to be at their fittest. However, both aspects help encourage each other.

We naturally wean ourselves off of junk foods and snacks after we find that dopamine hit from exercise and it has become a habit we keep up.

Also, as our moods improve we find it easier to adopt new routines.

You Sleep Better

Sleeping is vital to body recovery and indeed bodybuilding. Most bodybuilding exercises involve training hard to break down muscle before resting to repair and build it up stronger.

If you feel like you are sleeping more soundly, it is a sign that your fitness routine is working well and you are likely to see results in other parts of your life.

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