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How To Increase Your Protein Intake On A Vegan Diet

Getting the right amount of protein in your diet is important to maintaining body tissue and boosting muscle growth, so if this is your goal as a gym-goer, doing some research into the different sources of protein available in food is a must.

The more you go to the gym and the more interested you get in health and fitness, the more interested you will inevitably become in the nutrition side of it, as you won’t see the results you want unless you focus on your diet, as well.

For those new to veganism and a plant-based lifestyle, it can be quite difficult to know where to go for protein - but it’s important to know that there are other dietary sources of protein other than meat, so you will be able to ensure you’re getting sufficient protein to hit your muscle-building goals.

Did you know, for example, that a slice of soda bread actually has similar amounts of protein in it than an egg?

And tofu is also really high in protein, as well as being a good source of dietary fibre, so if you’re worried about missing out on your morning scramble, there’s no need. You can even use kala namak (Himalayan black salt) to give you a rather eggy flavour to scrambled tofu!

Lentils, meanwhile, can also give you a significant protein boost, as can chickpeas and the likes of pinto, black and kidney beans. Interestingly, wild rice can give you more protein than other varieties, such as basmati and brown rice, so that’s an easy swap to make.

When you do make dietary changes, it’s always worth talking to a nutritionist so you know you’re still enjoying a well-balanced meal and getting all the nutrients and vitamins you need, so bear this in mind as well if you’re just starting out on your veganism journey.

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