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4 Health & Fitness New Year’s Resolutions

With the end of 2020 now firmly in our sights (a great relief to us all, no doubt!), now’s the perfect time to start thinking about the year ahead and what positive changes we want to bring to our lives.

Where health and fitness is concerned, having clear goals in mind can really help you stick to your workout routines and keep you eating well, nourishing your body and soul at the same time, no matter what 2021 has to throw at you.

If you plan to hit the gym for the first time, set yourself a target of going three times a week. This isn’t a huge amount and can really help build lasting habits. Before you know it, you’ll be going six days out of seven!

Another great resolution to make is to try and eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Get yourself a meal-planning app like Whisk so you can start saving recipes and work out what you enjoy eating. This can really help you meet your fitness goals, as well, since your body won’t change as effectively or efficiently if you aren’t mindful about how you fuel it.

Trying something different in the new year is another fun resolution to make for yourself - and it could be anything at all. What about giving bouldering a go if you haven’t tried this before? This is a great way to make new friends and challenge yourself physically, as well as mentallly.

Or what about challenging yourself to do Parkrun every week? Of course, you’ll need to wait until these events start back up after the pandemic, but with news of a vaccine now being administered, hopefully it won’t be too long until this happens. Parkruns are a brilliant way of keeping you healthy, improving your cardiovascular fitness - and having lots of fun!

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